Thursday, January 31, 2008

So Nick, Phyllis, Jack and Sharon are going to go into the fashion business together. Katherine is retiring to write an autobiography (very funny) leaving Jill to run Chancellor industries. Also, Nikki is now going to run Jabot. When Nikki told Victor, he just said "what a joke" He really is bitter. He also went and accused Jack of trying to frame him again. I don't really think that Jack did try to frame Victor. It was probably David Chow. He is up to something and it's going to come out soon, I think. He was having a meeting at the Athletic Club with a strange man who was calling him by a different name that I don't remember right now. David told the man he would have his money in a couple of weeks. He was most likely waiting to find out about Nikki's settlement so that he can get money from her somehow. Victoria is finally awake and her and JT are getting married at the ranch in a few days! She's going to wear Nikki's wedding dress from the last time she and Victor were remarried.And, Nikki just asked Brad to come work for her at Jabot! Seems like Jabot will be getting some action again soon. I mean, other than Gloria and Kevin's usual shenanigans. Now that Gloria is married to Jeffrey, due to him blackmailing her, she plans to make it look like Jeffrey is trying to poison her for her money. Those tricks never work. Especially for Gloria. She gets blackmailed on a regular basis and it's really quite annoying. Jeffrey is hilarious. Eventually, I hope that Gloria just falls in love with Jeffrey because they are perfect for each other. They are both evil among other things. She and Jeffrey are about to move into the Abbot Mansion with Jack, Sharon and Noah. That will be very funny.

Focus Fair Hearts and Craft Show
will happen at the Peterborough Arts
Umbrella on February 9 1pm to 6pm.
I vend at Focus Fair as well as coordinate it.
The fair is almost 2 years old!

this poster was made by one of the other coordinators


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i love my scanner

I really do like this one.
It contains most of my
favourite patterns....

I think I'm really into red
now too.

Recently, I have been developing a new style for coNartist! It is so fun. I finally taught myself how to erase backgrounds, making them transparent, and cutting and pasting new skies behind all of my buildings.

I will post older pics as well since I still love those too. But, the new stuff is always more exciting.