Monday, April 7, 2008

So, Sabrina has come back to Genoa City again after her rendezvous with Victor in LA, where they kissed and Victor bought some contemporary art. So Victor has now invited her over to the ranch for dinner and to stay the night! That's pretty gross actually. Adam is up to something. he is after Phyllis. He was at the athletic club and overheard Nick saying that Phyllis wasn't with him, then he went to Restless Style and found out that she was at home with the baby. So, he just shows up over there pretending to look for Nick when he knew full well that Nick wouldn't be there. That's pretty suspicious to me. Oh! So Gloria finally falls in love with Jeffrey and they were about to do it when this other chick from Viet Nam who still wants him for herself. Gloria freaked out and told Jeffrey to take a hike which sucks because they need to hook up. Lily thinks she is pregnant! How stupid is that!?! She better not actually be pregnant because that will be really annoying for me. Daniel and Amber are together now too. They just fight all of the time...ok I almost forgot about this because it did happen a little while ago but Danny sang Danny this hilarious song the other week. It was pretty great! I liked it a lot.

So wait a minute here! Adam just got a whole lot creepier! He stole Phyllis' scrunchie! and is sitting at the bar having a drink and looking at the effing scrunchie? what the hell is that all about? oh god! now Victor and Sabrina are making out! Victor just picked her up! and he's carrying her up the stairs! that is wild and disgusting!

A scrunchie (also scrunchy or sc√ľnci) is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie, commonly used to fasten long hair. Large, elaborate styles and diminutive, unassuming forms are offered.

The scrunchie was invented by Rommy Revson, who patented the design in 1994. (from wikipedia)

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Soft Oddities said...

you rock coNartist! I saw that episode too!!!!! what a wacko Adam is turning out to be eh?! AND THE SONG made me nearly wet meself. how can anyone take that seriously? tell me.....hehe. we need to watch an episode together soon me lady.
see ya.