Monday, September 15, 2008

There are three super annoying story lines all of the sudden. Well, the Cane/Chloe/Lily situation has been going on for a while. Lily and Cane are in love, Chloe drugged Cane to make everyone think that they did it, Chloe got pregnant, Lily dumped Cane and insisted that Cane do the right thing and marry Chloe! So, Cane married Chloe. They don't even know if Cane is definitely the baby daddy! This is just so annoying!!! I can't take it.

Another is the Daniel/Amber/Colleen thing. It's really hard to watch. Daniel wants to get back together with Colleen and Amber wants to get back together with Daniel but stupid things keep happening. Maybe when Daniel sees that Liam is a real person he will take Amber back. By the way, Liam is really Billy Abbott and is returning to Genoa City next week. Apparently, Billy is the real father of Chloe's baby too.

Why are they creating some weird thing about Sharon still caring about Nick? I can't imagine where it's leading except for somewhere annoying. Also, Noah is a teenager now and that's sort of funny. Less annoying than the child.

Adam and Jack are supposedly united with the intention of taking down Victor. When Sabrina died, Victor went to Mexico to kill, Walter, the guy responsible for her death. He did kill Walter. Nikki knows about it too. Jack has a feeling that something went down in Mexico but, he doesn't know what. He just tried to phone Mexico and ask about Victor but didn't get very far. It did lead him to that stupid letter Sharon wrote to Nick.

Oh yeah! Brad got arrested for giving all that money to David Chow. Neil is the new CEO of Newman Enterprises and Micheal's dad is the same one from Family Ties.

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